Welcome to Planaby

We’re more than just an app.  Every day there are hundreds of things going on within a few miles of bored people, but they miss out because they just didn’t know what was happening.

The Planaby team is building a system to connect people with the events they’re trying to find. If you’re the type of person that loves finding great things to do or have an event you want people to know about, Planaby is the place for you.

For Event Goers

With Planaby, you have a way to easily see who has something fun for you to do. No more searching the internet or missing out on what’s happening today, this weekend, or next week. Make plans the easy way with Planaby.

Check out events in New York City and Washington State.

For Event Promoters

When you use Planaby, our events app is your events app.  You don’t have to be a large promoter to get your event noticed.  In fact, our users love to find gems offered by their neighbors.   When you list your events with Planaby, no matter how big or small, your information will go directly into the hands of event seekers and your audience will grow.