Planaby’s goal is to revolutionize event promotion by using machine learning to match mobile audiences with nearby activities.

Planaby is the only offering made to help event promoters reach mobile audiences and we’ve assembled a team of industry veterans to build the Planaby tech and help us reach our goals of putting plans in hands. Click on any team member’s name, below, to learn more about us.

If you’d like to contribute to Planaby’s success, drop us a line or check out our talent wish-list. Investors can learn more about us at and

Executive Staff

Jesse Tayler

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) + Electronic Music Geek

Paraskevi Briassouli

COO (Chief Operations Officer) + Lab Rat Mad-Scientist

Karlie Robinson

CGO (Chief Growth Officer) + Open Source Geek

Sales and Marketing

Emily Schorr

Sales & Marketing + Roller Derby Skater

Elena Liu

Marketing & Events + Marathoner

Daniel Thomas

Content Strategist + Coffee Connoisseur

Valerie DiScuillo

Social Media Manager + Lover of Cats

Chandni Dilipkumar Purswani

Sales & Marketing + Book Lover

Gabriel Woodruff

Relationship Manager + Amateur Economist

Tech Staff

Bent Cardan

Bent Cardan

Senior Software Developer + Wild Man At Large

Paul Borawski

Paul Borawski

Senior Software Developer + Fur Trader

Kirk Nelson

Graphic Designer + Movie Star

Alex Cone

Software Architect + Super Geek

Vibhav Goel

Web Developer + Badminton Badass

Robert Hanviriapunt

Senior Software Developer + Salsa Dancing Fool

Ted Petrosky

Software Developer + Major Horn Player

Special thanks to everyone who's helped us along the way, including;

Emily O'Leary

Emily O’Leary

Sales & Marketing Intern + Ice Cream Connoisseur

Claudia Pan

Claudia Pan

Marketing Associate + Adventure Junkie

Bryan Muchoney

Bryan Muchoney

Marketing Strategy Intern + Food and Beverage Connoisseur

Liz Margaretha

Liz Margaretha

Marketing & Strategy + Professional Food-Lover

Seth Eisen

Seth Eisen

Sales & Marketing Intern + Chipotle Enthusiast

Manuela Sepulveda

Manuela Sepulveda

Sales & Marketing + Professional Laugher

Qiqi Xu

Qiqi Xu

Creative Marketing + Monkey Bars Pro

Jake Kim

Jake Kim

Marketing Intern + Flaming Hot Cheetos Enthusiast

Bilal Sadik

Bilal Sadik

Bilal Sadik

Malav Shah

Web Developer + Film Aficionado

Zach Grossfeld

Creative Director + Spotify Playlist Engineer + SRIRACHA ABUSER